James Muirhead

Hi I’m James, a games design and production student at Abertay University.  I am a game designer with a passion for mechanics and UX design. Check out some of my work below…

Aki showcase


A narrative driven adventure game that tells the story of Aki, a dog lost in the woods.

Role: Mechanics, UX and Audio designer

Team size: 8

Tools used: Unity, GitHub, Adobe Illustrator and Audition

Out of Your Depth showcase

Out of Your Depth

A puzzle simulation where you play a hapless submarine commander.

Role: Mechanics and UX Designer

Team size: 7

Tools used: Unity, Adobe Illustrator, XD and Premiere Pro

The Orion Drive: The A-Bomb Powered Spaceship

YouTube Channel

Currently I run and produce content for the James Muirhead YouTube channel. All the videos hosted on the channel are researched, voiced and edited by myself. The subject for most of these videos is technology and modern history.

Editing tools: Adobe Premiere Pro, Audacity

Motion graphics and 3D animation tools: Unreal, Maya, Adobe After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop

I’m Sorry screenshot

I’m Sorry

A simulation game where you play an influencer trying to put out an apology (for unspecified internet drama) on a livestream.

Role: Game Designer

Team size: 1

Tools used: Unity, C# and Adobe Illustrator

Contact Me

Feel free to drop me an email at enquiries4jim@gmail.com or reach out via LinkedIn or twitter.