I’m Sorry

A simulation game where you play an influencer trying to put out an apology (for unspecified internet drama) on a livestream.

Role: Game Designer

Team size: 1

Tools used: Unity, C# and Adobe Illustrator

Click here to download the game on itch.io.

I’m Sorry was built over the course of a week by myself. I used the project as an opportunity to develop my C# and UX skills.

I’m Sorry plays like an Episode type game where the player picks from dialog and action options that come up on screen and watches the results unfold.

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I’m Sorry screenshot

The most impressive programming aspect of the project is the comment generation. Comments from fictional fans pop up on the players screen in response to the options the player picks. I’ve written around around 50 comments for each of the eight reactions I programmed the audience to have. Plus 200 additional neutral comments, and 200 fake usernames. These are all stored in text documents for easy editing and are all compiled into arrays on the games start-up.

The art of the game is in my favourite style, the “I’m a designer and cant do art” style. I tried to embrace the crudeness to make something a bit out there and surreal, kind of like a Michael Cusack cartoon.

The game heavily uses RNG in deciding the outcome of decisions. This sort of design tends to annoy and frustrate players; this was also seen in the testing of the game. Though this feeling of frustration was intentional, since it mirrors the somewhat unpredictable nature of online audiences.