Honours Project

Currently, I am working on my final year honours project for my degree in Games Design and Production. I will be posting updates about the project here. Below you can view the latest posts in my honours project blog.

Picnic is Released!

A couple of days ago, I posted Picnic to itch.io! Version 1.0 of my honours project is finally complete. This is an exciting milestone because now my focus can shift almost entirely to writing my dissertation. Download the game on itch.io! Furthermore, I am amazed that with no marketing, several streamers have already played Picnic! It shows how popular indie-horror titles are at the moment, especially if they are free and easy to pick up and play. I should consider this when making my next game, which may be another horror experience. To see people playing and enjoying the game is incredibly rewarding.Continue reading “Picnic is Released!”


This week, I’ve been writing the proposal for my honours project. Unfortunately, sitting in a library for multiple hours a day doesn’t make for an exciting blog post. So I thought I’d do another mini-case study inspired by my research like I did with Shrek Swamp Sim, where I talked about Freud’s concept of the uncanny. So today, I will discuss the Other, abjection and doppelgangers and how they relate to my favourite episode of Doctor Who, Midnight. Midnight aired in 2008, at the height of the David Tennent era. Although it seems like a simple bottle episode on paper, it’s aContinue reading “Midnight”


In his essay of the same name Sigmund Freud describes the uncanny as an unhomely and creepy sensation that comes about when the subconscious mind projects its repressed urges and feelings onto the world. This phenomenon can explain the unease people can feel when dealing with things such as the occult and arcane; it can also help understand the effectiveness behind many horror movie tropes such as creepy children and animate dolls.  Today, I will analyse a piece of media using Freud’s work to explain why it is scary. The media I have chosen to examine is a 2014 workContinue reading “Onions”