Honours Project

Currently, I am working on my final year honours project for my degree in Games Design and Production. I will be posting updates about the project here. Below you can view the latest posts in my honours project blog.

Hons. #4 – Onions

In his essay of the same name Sigmund Freud describes the uncanny as an unhomely and creepy sensation that comes about when the subconscious mind projects its repressed urges and feelings onto the world. This phenomenon can explain the unease people can feel when dealing with things such as the occult and arcane; it can also help understand the effectiveness behind many horror movie tropes such as creepy children andContinue reading “Hons. #4 – Onions”

Hons. #3 – Lenses

At this point, I am pretty set on what I want to make for my project, which is an antagonist AI for a horror game. However, to write a good dissertation, I need a lens through which I will analyse and convert all my data into valuable findings and conclusions. What I mean by a lens is a theory that will act as the framework of the project, a theoryContinue reading “Hons. #3 – Lenses”

Hons. #2 – Foundation

Last week I waxed lyrically about potential honours project ideas and discussed one particular AI project idea at length. This week I’ve been looking into possible research questions and project aims to turn this idea into a fleshed-out project and dissertation. Of course, it’s only week two, so these aims will change over the following year, but for now, they give me a foundation to begin my research. At theContinue reading “Hons. #2 – Foundation”