My final year honours project where I have used psychoanalysis to design and build an antagonist enemy AI for a horror game in Unity. For this project, I was awarded 4J Studios 2022 Graduate Creativity Award. You can download the latest version of the project on itch.io.

What I did:

  • Built a system that randomly spawns objectives at predetermined locations akin to Slender.
  • Built a system that generates an aggression value for the monster depending on player position and progress through the level.
  • Designed and implemented six behaviours for the monster, including mimicking, taunting and chasing.
  • Recorded, mixed and edited audio barks for the monster and the player that used 3D audio.
  • Tweaked and balanced behaviour system to elicit the most amount of fear and discomfort in the player.


A narrative-driven adventure game that tells the story of Aki, a dog lost in the woods. The game was made by myself and 7 peers in under 3 weeks using Unity. I presented Aki to a panel at Indiecade Horizons and we won the 2021 SGDA Community Award.

What I did:

Audio Designer

  • Sourced the sounds for and mixed 5 environment loops each around 1 minute in length.
  • Used spatial audio in Unity to place each loop at relevant places on the map.
  • Created and mixed sounds for game cutscenes using Foley techniques.
  • Set cutscene sounds to play in cutscene manager.
  • Voiced the narrator who guides Aki.

Gameplay Programmer

  • Designed and helped build a cutscene manager that plays audio and displays images with a parallaxing effect.
  • Solved bugs and implemented solutions when user testing began.

UI and UX Designer

  • Created a graphic style guide for promotional materials.
  • Designed and implemented a main menu and pause screen in Unity.


  • Edited a game trailer and showcase video.


A simulation of a school of sardines written in C# and based on the BOID model by Craig Reynolds. Built by myself in Unity in 2 months.

My development blog can be read here, and the project can be downloaded from itch.io and GitHub.

What I did:

  • Developed systems that made the BOIDs avoid obstacles, group together and move to the centre of their group.
  • Built a system that prioritizes BOID behaviour based on surroundings.
  • Built and designed the behaviour of basic predators.
  • Built a UI that controls parameters in simulation.
  • Created and animated sprites for BOIDs and predators.
  • Edited a Devlog showcase for YouTube.


Dodge asteroids in a little pink spaceship in this outrun aesthetic arcade game. I made this game solo in Unity in under 48 hours.

Download it on itch.io.

What I did:

  • Built a character controller with subtle lerping and rotation for game feel.
  • Built a spawner for random sized rotating asteroids.
  • Used a wireframe shader and postprocessing to achieve a specific ‘Outrun’ aesthetic.
  • Used BFXR to make sound effects.
  • Used Unity’s built-in tools to make particle effects.
  • Edited a Devlog showcase for YouTube.

YouTube Channel

I run a small YouTube channel where I produce videos discussing game design, devlogs about my projects and short documentaries on random topics. I’ve entered some of these videos into international film festivals.

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About Me

I have recently graduated with a first-class BA (Hons) in Game Design and Production from Abertay University and was named a TIGA Graduate of the Year in design. During my time at university, I have collaborated with industry clients, including Blazing Griffin and Cloud Imperium.

My proudest achievement is completing Factorio in under 15 hours.

If you want to contact me, you can email me at enquiries4jim@gmail.com or reach out on Twitter or Linkedin.