DES311 #7: Version 1.0

Sprint 3 is finished and a version of the simulation with all the major features is complete. I’ve begun sending the simulation to people for testing and am hosting it on Click here to download the latest version.


The features I spent this week working on were the UI and menus. The UI is made up three parts, the main menu, the tutorial screen and the parameter menu. All the UI elements were designed in a flat style using the British colour palette from

Main Menu Screen

I started the main menu by designing a simple logo for the simulation which I have simply named ‘shoal’. The menu has four options: a quit button which closes the application; the inspiration button which opens a link to the YouTube video that inspired the project; the blog button which links to this blog and the play button which opens the tutorial screen.

Tutorial Screen

The tutorial screen tells the player how to place food for the fish and open the parameter menu. The contents of the screen fades in sequentially after the main menu has faded out when the play button is clicked. By clicking anywhere on the screen after the play button is clicked will trigger the the scene manager to change the games scene to the main simulation scene. By keeping the backgrounds of each scene the same transitions appear seamless.

Parameter Menu

The parameter menu is accessed in the main scene by pressing the escape key. Currently the screen allows the user to adjust sliders controlling different parameters of the simulation. The value of each slider is displayed in the input field next to it. The user can also type desired values directly into the box, these values can exceed the maximum values of the slider (though the slider values are my recommended parameters through testing). Due to time constraints the elements in this menu still use the Unity default elements. I aim to replace these with elements in a similar style to the rest of the UI in the next version.

What’s Next

With the major features implemented my time over the foreseeable future will be spent user testing and bug fixing. Though I would like to find time to include some stretch goal features I didn’t think I’d have time for, like putting in some relaxing royalty free music. I’d also like to have the option to change the tank size in the parameter menu.